Late Bird Special Offer

Discounted Air Tickets at ONLY $30!

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Attention late birds, especially those who often book your itineraries last-minute! U-Fly holidays is proud to present you our “Late Bird Special Offer”, where package customers can enjoy premium rates on selected HK Express flights.

1. $30 flat rate on airfares

As U-Fly’s late birdies, we understand you can’t always book ahead of time.
That’s why we offer you the special $30 privilege.
At a flat rate of only $30 per ticket, you can easily plan your next getaway to HK Express’s exciting destinations across Asia!

2. Longevity offer; unlimited entitlement

If you worry this promotion is only offered for a limited time, don’t!
U-Fly holidays is stretching this special offer to the distant future!
Plan your trip just 3 weeks prior, choose your flights, and you’re all set to embark on your epic journey within 21 days upon purchase.
Best of all, you can enjoy the discounted rate for unlimited times!

3. New destinations every single day

During promotional sweeps, tickets are usually snatched in seconds.
Desperate travelers can get your hopes up!
The good thing is: discounted flights refresh themselves every single day.
If you miss Day I’s offer, there’re still more up for your grabs!

Find the "Autumn Sale Price" tag to get your LATE BIRD ticket!


Where can you find the tag?

Sort the result by price to find out the cheapest package price on your travel date.


Happy journey late birdies!

Terms and conditions

Seats are limited and may not be available on every flight, please visit for details. Packages cover all HK Express routes and destinations. The above discount is only applicable to the airfare portion of packages. Discount offer subject to seats availability. Terms and conditions apply.