COVID-19 Related Travel Restrictions and Special Arrangements

Special arrangements on affected U-Fly Holidays bookings due to the outbreak of COVID-19

Updated on 17 Jun 2020 – 15:30 HKT

Due to the Response Plan of COVID-19 enacted by various countries, flight and hotel operations are being affected. If your travel plans were scheduled to depart before 31 Jul 2020 and are disrupted, please find below stated policies and procedures for making any changes for the flight and hotel segments of your U-Fly Holidays booking respectively.

  1. Flight Segment / Bookings

    • In response to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions imposed by governments around Asia Pacific, HK Express has extended its temporary suspension of all flight operations from now until 11 July 2020. All affected guests should refer to HK Express Important Travel Notice in understanding booking changes eligibility for flight segments and contact methods for conducting any forms of booking change. Guests who are eligible for flight segment refund may visit here to submit your request directly.

    • HK Express has implemented a number of measures to safeguard the wellbeing of our passengers and crew. With immediate effect until further notice, passengers are required to wear face coverings throughout the journey. Details please visit HK Express Important Travel Notice to understand the Face Covering requirement and special exemptions (if applicable).

    • Guests are informed that flight segment and hotel segment of your U-Fly Holidays booking should be handled separately when applying for any form of booking change or refund. The above are only applicable to flight refund applications. For changes regarding the hotel segment please read through the instructions in the following section.

  2. Hotel Segment / Bookings

    • For U-Fly Holidays bookings which are affected by latest immigration restrictions or flight cancellations, guests may refer to below contacts for the submission of booking change or refund requests.

    • Guests should take note of the below before applying for U-Fly Holidays booking changes or refund requests:

      1. All hotel bookings should follow booking policies offered by the hotel. Bookings with non-refundable terms stated on the booking confirmation will not be accepted for any form of refund requests.

      2. For other bookings, any form of booking change or refund is not guaranteed as all hotel bookings shall follow cancellation policies of the booking’s respective hotel.

      3. For booking changes or refund requests, please contact our Guest Relations Team at:

        - Email:
        - Hotline: (852) 3692 2099 (Working hours: 0800-2400)

      4. All requests will be prioritized in accordance to the departure dates of bookings. Please expect longer wait times for hotline and email responses due to the substantial amount of bookings affected.

  3. Other Bookings

    • For other bookings, including Excursions and Airport Transfers, please refer to below and contact our Guest Relations Team at:

      - Email:
      - Hotline: (852) 3692 2099 (Working hours: 0800-2400)

    • We would assist with your booking transfer to other preferred dates or submit a refund request to our local suppliers. However, Excursion and Transfer bookings shall follow cancellation policies of the booking's respective supplier. Any form of booking change or full refund is not guaranteed.